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    Thursday Nov. 04, 2010 - Meeting Summary


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    Thursday Nov. 04, 2010 - Meeting Summary

    Post  ShikiNeko on Tue Nov 02, 2010 11:53 pm

    Meeting Agenda:
    Hey everyone!

    Most of you might have already received my e-mail concerning this week's meeting. We won't be doing anything special. It's just going to be a relax meeting for most of us. So here is what we are going to do:

    - Re-introduction of yourself! Last week, we didn't get to know each other that well. So this week, we will ask every member to introduce themselves one by one. Please make sure you state your: Name (duh), Forum Username (If you have one), Grade and something special about you. Please keep it short and sweet~

    - Next, we will be watching a movie called 5 Centimeters Per Second by Makoto Shinkai. It is a great movie, amazing art, relaxing, good soundtracks and good plot. We decided to go with this one because it has no action or violence so we are sure to be safe. For more information please go to this link: Click!

    Now you must be wondering: "Why did you make us suggest anime when we are not even going to watch them?!"

    My answer to that is: I have to send the suggested anime list to our club advisor, Mrs. Heisler. Everything we watch has to be approved by her first! Please understand that this is to keep the club alive and out of trouble. As soon as I get the list of approved anime back, I will make you guys vote for the best one to watch.

    That is all! Hope to see you there at the meeting!

    Meeting Summary:

    For this week's meeting, we only get to watch the first two parts of 5 Centimeters Per Second. It was fun watching it with everyone. We all laughed and went "woah" at some scenes. Like the paper air plane part where some people yelled out loud "BAD ASS PLANE! TEACHER ME HOW TO FOLD THAT!" And no, I did not just say the "a" word...it was part of the quote. =]

    There really wasn't anything else...so I guess this summary will end short!

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    Re: Thursday Nov. 04, 2010 - Meeting Summary

    Post  InuoeK on Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:16 am

    Yes, hope most of you guys can attend this one Smile

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