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    Shoujo Girl Drawing~


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    Shoujo Girl Drawing~ Empty Shoujo Girl Drawing~

    Post  RinaStar on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:56 pm

    Sorry for the very late post but I will be holding the shoujo girl drawing. Very Happy

    What Will I be Covering Thursday?

    I will be drawing it step by step and I will except you to follow along. Very Happy
    If you have questions or struggles I will help you before going to the next step.
    So please ask questions along the way~

    1. Basic step on how to draw the face
    2. Basic Eye
    3. Basic Hair
    4. How to add uniqueness to your girl.

    Please Bring on Thursday

    Pencil (Does not have to be an art pencil)
    Eraser that does not smudge
    annnnnnnnnd paper
    I will not be providing any of the materials just instructions on how to draw Very Happy


    1. Drawing the face
    - first start with a circle
    - dividing the face into certain sections to get the proportions right

    2. Drawing the eyes
    - How big should the eyes be?
    - What kind of eyes?
    - How do you make them *SPARKLE*~ (cause it is shoujo)

    3. Drawing flow-y hair
    - What hair style?
    - Dark hair or blond hair?

    4. Unique-ness
    I will show you how to make your girl different from the other manga characters


    Shoujo Girl Drawing~ Girl_by_xxrinastarxx-d2zr6rn


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