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    General Forum Rules - Must Read and Follow!


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    General Forum Rules - Must Read and Follow!

    Post  ShikiNeko on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:35 pm

    Heya! Beautiful club members~ All forums have rules so is our lovely forum!

    Please do actually read and follow them. I don't want to see this forum burn down in chaos just because some bad children decided to neglect the rules. I am not trying to become a dictator! This is all to keep the forum clean and peaceful for everyone...you know a relaxing corner. XD

    1- No excessive cursing or usage of foul language. I understand that sometimes, only certain words will do, but don't make a habit out of using them.

    2- No instigating 'flame wars'. If you have a different opinion than the other person, by all means, work it out, but please no heavy flaming or direct personal attacks.

    3- No double posting. If you need to add something, use the edit feature.

    4- Do not post anything inappropriate for younger audiences. Remember, this is a forum with the range of grade 9 to 12. Not everyone is of age for certain contents.

    5- Please No Spamming to try to get your post count up high...you will get a warning if you do it!

    6- Please try to post in the right section, it will help the Admins and Moderators a lot.

    7- Respect Admins and members, any unrespectful acts such as insult or stupid jokes will be unacceptable and result of account suspending.

    8- Free distribution of software such as Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc. are not allowed.

    9- Avoid posting huge images that stretch the page. If you think that your picture is too big, use the "Spoiler" code.

    10- Do not complain about your teachers on this forum. After all, the club is a school activity.

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    Re: General Forum Rules - Must Read and Follow!

    Post  shuueshi on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:18 am

    no yuri and yaoi comments.
    other than "i like yuri/yaoi"

    and absolutely no pictures/videos/music containing inappropriate subjects.


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    Re: General Forum Rules - Must Read and Follow!

    Post  Rabbit_L on Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:00 pm

    I say that one shall also stop quoting a very long comment made by another user, as itself may be considered as a method of screen-spamming. Beside, who in this world has the courtesy of wasting some second of their life rolling down pages?

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    Extra stuff to be careful of

    Post  Sora on Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:34 pm

    Trolling will result in permaban.

    We have an arsenal of computer geeks at the ready to track and ban your IP addresses, too, so please do follow these rules. They're very simple and common sense. Just a heads up, darlings.

    Also: Please don't flame other users, or teachers irl. ^^; It's your grade at stake, not ours, haha~

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    Re: General Forum Rules - Must Read and Follow!

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