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    Survival Project [Korean Server] ~Updated with SS and Video~


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    Survival Project [Korean Server] ~Updated with SS and Video~

    Post  ShikiNeko on Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:27 pm

    Well, this game was around when I was in like grade 4~7-ish but the English version got shut down...followed by the Taiwan version. So now the only version left is the original which is Korean!

    I recently found a way to play the Korean version, so I am playing it right now. The game is so much fun and I consider it a lot easier than it was 5 years ago. It would be great if some of us play this game together~ Because being surrounded by Korean players is quite hard to communicate LOL. Well I know some other English players too but just in case if you guys are interested to play tell me and I will tell you how to sign up and stuff.

    I will be posting some pictures later when I get the chance to take some good screenshots! But for now here is the official Korean website: Click!

    Note: The korean website does not support Google Chrome. If you really want see the website perfectly, use Internet Explorer.

    Here is the discontinued English website, visit this one if you want to know more about the game: Click!

    If you are interested to know more about the game just ask me! I will be more than glad to explain you the game play, game modes, characters, cards, etc.

    Warning - You might not understand a single words of the paragraph below:
    Oh! There this current event going on, if you make a character before the end of February 10, you will be given a set of 100 days worth of cards in GOLD (usually needs money to buy) and a Super Silver which allows you to use any premium character plus more stuff (usually also requires money to buy). And as you go higher level you earn a permanent pet! And more~ So if you ask me...This is like the best time for beginners to start up! Basically you get a lot of benefits to join during this time.


    Video Gameplay:
    Mission Mode Level S3-192 and 194:

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