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    World of Milara - General Information PLEASE READ!

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    World of Milara - General Information PLEASE READ! Empty World of Milara - General Information PLEASE READ!

    Post  Firaga777 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:21 am

    NOTE: I am not stopping the Society 8 RP, but this is for people who do not want to spend as much time like that one. This will be more relaxed and easier to do. So…ONTO DESCRIBING THE WORLD!!!!!

    World: Milara, a nice planet inhabited by humanoids (an alternate Earth). Like Earth, Milara is populated with many beings…
    The exact year is unknown, but one can speculate one thing. Milarans have advanced technology as such that they have gained the ability for space travel. Aircrafts are a common occurrence in the sky though they are quite expensive to maintain. However, the landscape is no different than Earths. Tall buildings populate cities, forests stretch on for miles….and such.

    Summary: Just like Earth!

    People: Milarans are generally humanoids (human-shaped) but because of space travel, a few other races have decided to live their life on Milara. (Up to you to introduce any interesting races).
    Milara is a technological marvel….and the home of magic. Interestingly, half of the population on this planet are gifted with magical powers or, in scientific terms, are born with an “energy” system that when exercised, will express their powers in a supernatural fashion. Amazingly enough, the other half do have the energy system in them, but cannot fully utilize their powers, only resulting in enhanced speed, agility and strength. (During fights, those powerless can make up with technology).

    Summary: tech and magic can live side-by-side! (Think of Final Fantasy or Naruto for tech and magic harmony)

    Other Important Stuff: When there is magic, there are monsters. Yes, Milara (planet) is littered with monsters, Dark Magic, crime mobs, gunfights….you name it! That is the reason why the MX Corpoation was founded. The MX Corp. (MX meaning Monster Xterminating) was originally founded to deal with the constant threat of monsters attacking the city from surrounding areas. Eventually due to popularity and praising, the MX Corp grew massive and established itself as an all-around people’s protector including human-related crimes, and has replaced most of the local police force (The military was put on ice after a massive war which happened before this RP).

    YOU: You live in the city of Milara, capital of the planet (nudge nudge), and you have just applied to work part-time (or full-time) as an MX employee. You can be excited, scared, or just annoyed, but you will be working for them. You will be assigned a captain and be placed in a squad of 3. That will be your main squad and they could change depending on the missions you take. So go on, my fellow MX fighter, and live your life…in this blessed, awesome…and corrupted world!

    If that epic explanation confused you, here’s a quick one:
    You will be RPing a character you made up in a fictional world of magic and technology. You will be paired up in squads of 3 against your will or to your preferred members. A squad captain will be elected based on their level of active-ness on the RP of depending on missions (will get to that).

    Missions will be posted on a separate thread. Missions of varying lengths and rewards will be displayed and. Depending on the mission, either you can join it like an open party, your captain nominated your squad, or a new squad is formed (or a replacement member).

    When a mission is confirmed and ready to go, a new thread will be made BY me or by the captains to indicate where you will be roleplaying. You may act like a squad, following the captain’s orders or disobeying them for kicks, but NOTE: THE CAPTAIN DOESN’T CONTROL THE RP! The world of Milara is massive with many towns, cities, and wilderness for you to explore so GET CREATIVE!
    Eventually, the missions will end in success or failure. Either way, you will return and rewards in money or ranks will be given (or taken hehehe).

    In the meantime, you can wander around in the fictional city of Milara. Visit the local Inn, watch an awesome movie, visit a fellow member’s house….you name it (there will be a separate thread for the Inn and a few important buildings. Any other activities will be clumped into a single thread and you will have to learn to read only the important posts)!
    You are also given the chance to duel fellow members for those who like to fight! A proposal will be made and when the combatants accept, will duel! You can have more than 2!

    This thread will be a general info thread and character profiles, RPing, RP loitering, and RP duels will be other threads. Is also prone to edits and updates so check back when sometime's wrong or wierd.

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