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    World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT

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    Post  Nico on Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:47 pm

    The sound of an explosion causes Eric to turn around, and the force of a second rocket round hitting the ground causes Eric to lose balance. The sight that greets hims is a set of exact replicas marching towards them, about 50 meters away from their current position and closing. As Eric gets back up, he once again calls upon his Evoker. As he flicks the switch, the sound of a gun shot and breaking glass is heard as his body is enveloped in white particles of energy. As his skin and clothes shatter and dissipate into the atmosphere as more particles, they reveal a glossed charcoal and neutral grey armor of cold metal. As Eric's face reveals the characteristic visor and mask of the MCF-TX204 Shale, it's eyes pulse with a sky blue glow.

    -HUD LOADED 100%
    -DCS LOADED 100%
    -FCS LOADED 100%

    As the figure clad in gloss armor whirs to life with a hiss of steam spurting out of the dual face vent and the various generators and motors starting up, Shale begins by using the loudspeaker to announce the the group "MCF-TX204 Shale, Engaging the targets." as Shale begins to walk towards the seemingly hostile clones with heavy steps.

    Eric's clone loads and fires another rocket, and Shale lowers the visor unit and shoots four streams of low-caliber bullets, having the rocket explode just 5 meters in front of him. He continues to walk forward, with his left arm raised and pointing towards the enemy. The clones begin to focus all their attention on Shale, and level their weapons in his general direction.

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    World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT - Page 2 Empty Re: World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT

    Post  Firaga777 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:01 am

    “Trap three triggered already? Something must be wrong with the system…” Calvin pondered and frantically typed away the commands on the console to find the problem. Screens of English coding and ancient text appeared and disappeared until Calvin stumbled upon a document of the final trap.

    “So, this is mirror magic. Probably the Head Mage’s idea of an exercise worthy obstacle,” Calvin said to himself while reviewing the document.

    He thought about his new recruit’s capabilities based on what he has seen so far. As usual, there are more energy users than technological users. The 2 tech based users, Eric and Seth, are burdened by their partial lack of magic abilities compared to the others, but both have interesting pieces of technology. “Potentially dangerous technology if misused. I may have to get A.C. to study their equipment.” Calvin thought.

    He turned his attention to the magic users, Zlair and Haruka. Both young; both powerful potentials. Like the many other employees and even civilians, they have their own unique powers and do not follow the typical magic structure (fire, water, wind, earth). He wondered about Zlair’s true history since his documents show no sign of his birth parents or anything before his migration to the city. Putting aside that thought, he looked at Haruka on the console with a very faint worried expression.
    She was trained well by the MX employees and she was naturally disciplined, but as her unofficial guardian, Calvin couldn’t put aside the thought of her entering a corporation that risks their life to protect others. It was unnerving, but he chose to respect her decision and live with it.

    Lastly, he turned his thoughts to the twins. The letter disturbed him. Even though the Head Mage was fairly confident about the twin’s mental stability, their willingness to protect others and their weakness being the control factor, Calvin was still suspicious. It was a constant habit ever since his battle with the Shadow Creatures. It made him an outsider to the social environment of the world. Still, he had his long friends in MX Corp and Xena by his side…

    Calvin snapped out of his daydream and returned back to the console. Already, Zlair noticed the magic clones and Eric began his transformation. Bringing up the audio channel, Calvin announced, “Ok! So the 3rd and final trap has come looking for you. As you can see, it is the work of mirror magic. Don’t worry, nothing you recruits can’t handle. I guess after dealing with the clones, you can find all the buttons and targets and then come to the end of the path. I’ll be watching you guys, good luck!”

    He turned off the channel and looked at the problem that he sidetracked from. “Oooookkkay…who changed the trigger range of this trap?”

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    World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT - Page 2 Empty Re: World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT

    Post  Essences* on Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:47 pm

    World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT - Page 2 Anime-Ninja-1-3

    Hɑɾυӄɑ Ϲɧɩӄɩɑ

    After being pushed down again, unwillingly that Zlair had trapped and landed on her. She felt uncomfortable when his lips were over hers. She wasn't too sure of what to do as she didn't know why it even happened in the first place. Then something caught her eye, figures that looked just about like them were heading their way. After a very short while, she felt liek she was being crushed down on by Zlair. She lightly but with sight haste, she pushed off Zlair. She gave you a sorry look as much as she could, seeing his face glow with red of his healthy blood flowing into his face. But she didn't want him to feel too awkward around her after what had happened today. So she gave him a quick small smile before getting up.

    Darkness came to her command as she was once again, but only covering a much larger area at her right hand and her left. Soon, the darkness shaped to itself to something noticeable. Her scythe was now in her right hand and her now, claw like left hand. Which had twitched a little. Ever so often. Haruka felt a little drained from having to tap into her powers so deep after for so long. She haven't touched it a while so she was worried about being under control of herself.

    Haruka closed her eyes and took a breathe out. She got into a curl position and jumped over everyone and landed nicely next to Eric, who had changed to Shale from her understanding. She looked at herself and started to wonder how much was her clone mirrored of herself. But she didn't think too much about it as she knew she could over power her own clone with her scythe. She worried about the others and looked back. Then she remember Calvin had partly set this up for them. She never really had shown what she improved on to him as they rarely talked at all.


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    World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT - Page 2 Empty Re: World of Milara - Day 1 of recruitment - SHORT

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