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    IRC Tutorial


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    IRC Tutorial Empty IRC Tutorial

    Post  ShikiNeko on Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:42 pm

    Welcome to this tutorial!
    In less than 10 minutes or so, you will know how to connect to IRC!

    The club's IRC channel is:
    Server: IRCHighWay
    Channel: #PETHSAnimeClub

    You can simply use Webchat to connect to IRC. But for those of you who are thinking to go more advanced in IRC (eg. downloading files, etc.) I suggest you to get mIRC client. But this tutorial will only based on webchat. If you are interested to use mIRC client and need help with it, just leave a comment bellow and I will add the tutorial.

    There are two ways to connect to IRC using 2 different webchats. The first one is simply by using the IRCHighway webchat: http://webchat.irchighway.net/

    Default Version:
    Step 01:
    IRC Tutorial Irctutorial01

    Step 02:
    Click To See!

    The second version is using Mibbit webchat. I personally prefers this one as it looks more neat. The only bad thing about it is the random Ads you see at the top of the website: https://01.chat.mibbit.com/

    Mibbit Version:
    Step 01:
    IRC Tutorial Irctutorial03

    Step 02:
    Click To See!

    So I hope I will see you on the chat sometimes! =]

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