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    Awesome Arrangements

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    Awesome Arrangements Empty Awesome Arrangements

    Post  Firaga777 on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:38 am

    So there you are sitting in the music room, listening to your teacher drone on and on about proper posture, right notes, and how to play classical music. You want to do something interesting and liven up the class....so what do you do?

    It was just my luck I stumbled upon Miku somewhere in Feb of 2009 (and upon Caramelldansen....). Since then, Nico and I have been trying to arrange vocaloid music to suit our need and to our luck, our teacher allows us to play these arrangements for our quartet!!!!!!

    We've rocked the performance of the 2010 Music Alive festival with Ievan Polkka and Magnet. Recieved Platnium Awards for both of them Smile

    And here is the video of the fabled Magnet Arrangement:

    Epic isn't it??? (hehehe)

    (World Is Mine arrangement is coming next!)

    So anyone in the club a music arranger or performer? Would be nice to see vids or audio logs of 'em.

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