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    Forums is now Live! Empty Forums is now Live!

    Post  ShikiNeko on Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:52 am

    The forum became very lively ever since the club got started! I will now go over each section of the forum explaining what they are for. This way no one will start any random topic in the wrong section...right~? -Stares at members-

    So here goes:

    Category - Announcements:
    - Rules: The rules posted in this section is the law of this forum. You break it, you pay it. Simple as that!
    - News and Announcements: As time goes by, new things will be added to the forum. Check out this section to be updated with anything new about the forums.
    - Events: All events concerning the Anime Club will be posted here.
    - Club Activities: This is where you need to go when you miss a meeting. All topics discussed and activities held during a meeting will be posted here.

    Category - Anime Club:
    - Introduction: This is where members of the club introduce themselves when they join the forum. It is a good way to get to know each other.
    - General Discussion: This is basically a section where you can talk about any club related concerns with other members.
    - Anime Discussion: Pretty straight forward. Talk about anything that has to do with anime here.
    - Manga Discussion: Same thing as above but instead of anime you are dealing with manga this time.
    - Fantasy Talk: This is a section with 3 sub-forums (Manga & Anime Genres, Doujinshi and Fanclubs). You can post about anything you idolize here. However, keep in mind to not go over board.
    - Media: This is a section with 2 sub-forums (Music and Movies). You can post normal YouTube videos and media talk under this section.
    - Lifestyle: We all know that life can be sometimes joyful and difficult. Feel free to expression your happiness, anger or complaint about life here.

    Category - Creativity Corner:
    - Graphic Showroom: Godly artists this is your home! Post up any of your drawings, GFX, colourings, photography, etc.
    - Fanfiction: Like to write? Share your stories with your fellow club members~
    - Commission & Request: This is the door to knock when you are in need of artistic help.
    - Cosplay Masquerade: Do you like to cosplay? Did you go to a convention? Share your pictures with us!
    - Tutorial & Resource: You will be able to find some useful art resources here. We welcome all tutorials that you would like to share with us.

    Category - Help Desk:
    - Technical Difficulty: If you are having trouble with any image/video editing programs, there is chance that someone else in the club knows the solution to your problem. You can also report any forum bugs here, an admin will take care of it.
    - Question & Suggestion: Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the forum. We will always come to your rescue~
    - Club Activity Suggestion: Any new ideas you have for the club are extremely welcome! We executives don't want to decide all the time, hearing your opinions makes us really happy.

    Category - Lounge:
    - Forum Game: Forum games are fun...that's all!
    - Role-Playing: Merge yourself as a character and take your own paths!
    - Random Ramblings: This can be considered as a spamming section. Well I personally dislike useless spamming that's why I didn't name it "Spamming Thread". Please post something smart, not stupid or silly but something that actually have a meaning behind it.
    - Video Game: Talk about MMORPG or video games that you like to play.

    Category - Staff Headquarter:
    - Staff Application: Apply to be part of the Staff team! Join the Moderator and GFX-Team to help out with the forum~

    If you are unsure about anything, make sure you ask me or the vices!

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