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    [Forum Update] Chat Box Implanted + Edited Fantasy and Media Forums


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    [Forum Update] Chat Box Implanted + Edited Fantasy and Media Forums

    Post  ShikiNeko on Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:13 am

    You must have all noticed that there is a new Chat Box at the top of the forum! (I seriously hope you did notice.) This was suggested by Firaga777 go thank him~ The chat box can auto-refresh and it allows you to change your text colour. I have to say that it is indeed interesting to chat with the members. You never know what kind of topic they may bring up *coughmaidcafecough*.

    The Fantasy Talk category now have 3 sub-forums: Manga & Anime Genres, Doujinshi and Fanclubs.
    The Media category have 2 sub-forums: Music and Movies.

    I decided to merge those sub-forums together because their topics are really similar and it also saves some space on the forum.

    That is all I have to report today,
    have fun rolling around the forums!

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