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    Little Big Planet 2: The new heroes emerge...

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    Little Big Planet 2: The new heroes emerge...

    Post  Firaga777 on Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:34 pm

    Previously on Little Big Planet 1, the Creator's selfish antics have been stopped by the 2 heroes: Sombrero Man and Ninja Girl! They we're forever remembered and allowed fellow Sack-citizens to snap a photo of them in their pod/home!


    Ninja Girl: Say Cheese!
    Sombrero Man: *Falls asleep*

    However, CraftWorld is once again in danger! The Negativitron has appeared and is sucking all the fun from the world! (I am not making this up!) The old heroes are prepared to step up once again.....BUT WAIT!

    2 new heroes have stepped up and prepared to show the old heroes just what they are capable of! Introducing the 2 new heroes......The Vietnam Musketeer and Royal Dancer, Serai Faith!


    Vietnam Musketeer: We shall not fail!
    Serai: Of course! It will be a breeze!

    And they are off....to save the world....

    So as you can tell, I got Little Big Planet 2 and is having fun with the character customizations though the actual plot is set. Anyone else has this?

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